Artificial grass solutions

EasyLawn specialises in creating artificial grass solutions in gardens, on roof terraces, as a play area surface, sports surface and as private putting green surfaces. EasyLawn guarantees the perfect installation of artificial grass projects, no matter big or small. Only when you see and feel artificial grass you can be sure that it is the perfect lawn for your garden. You can visit one of our show gardens which are located throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Free advice from our experts

EasyLawn does its best to make your playground, sports pitch or garden a carefree and attractive place. EasyLawn with its professional installers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany give advice, design, maintain and repair your lawn. We will gladly make an appointment at your location to discover what your wishes are. Based on your wishes, your budget and the possibilities we give you free, no obligation advice and we make quotation.

Project managing

The installation or renovation of an artificial grass surface on a playground or a sports pitch is often a complicated task. There are usually various professionals involved. Just think of a building contractor, a ditcher, a paver, a play equipment constructor and a landscape gardener. Guiding all these parties requires much time. You can hire our professionals for managing your big projects. It means one less worry for you!


EasyLawn offers warranty against discolouration and UV-degradation. The warranty depends on the sunlight intensity in the area where artificial grass is installed. After all, in southern countries the climate is warmer than in northern countries. If the artificial grass is installed in The Benelux countries by EasyLawn certified professionals, a warranty on all products is given for a period of 10 years.

Our complete brochure: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3lGFLl3jHDSYWdOUWswX2k4MWM








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