Holiday resorts are usually located in a beautiful natural environment, like forests, lakes, seas, beaches or enchanting landscapes. You can also find uncommon places to stay such as in old industrial buildings. We have also seen new developments like ‘farm camp sites’ in the countryside. Theme parks also offer accommodation to visitors all year round. But something has changed in the behaviour of consumers during their holidays the last decades…

They don’t like to stay at the holiday park all day long and prefer more variety in activities. The modern people going on a holiday are looking for an unforgettable experience and like to see life outdoors and meet locals. One of the ultimate experiences would be fun shopping. Have you ever heard about the Treck Hostel, campsite located in an old factory in the big city Gent, Belgium? Have you seen the amazing Beach Houses from the Award Winning Strandweelde Camp site Nieuwvliet, The Netherlands? Would you like to stay in Europe’s largest Tree Houses at Les Bois Aux Daims – CenterParcs – France? Or would you prefer to be one of the actors in The Western Camp Resort from European best ThemePark Europa Park – Germany! In general, we can determine that the traditional Holiday Resorts and Camp Sites are usually located in remote areas. We also see more and more holiday resorts next to a Themepark or Zoo. The latest trends are developments amongst new Holiday resorts are the ones located in the suburbs of the big city’s like London, Paris, Amsterdam and Maastricht.

The popularity of the City Trip as a Short Stay

AirBnB has become the biggest competitor of the professional holiday market. City’s are becoming more and more attractive to people. Could that be the reason that I see a trend in new holiday resorts being opened near cities? We stayed for a long week-end at City Dormio Resort Maastricht which is still under construction and will be opened in June 2018.

What do Paris, London, Amsterdam and Maastricht have in common?

These all are big cities if we look at the enormous number of inhabitants or as a travel destination. Last month, my wife and I, stayed at Dormio Resort Maastricht. Here we could combine our traditional short break with fun shopping and visiting a museum just around the corner. Within half an hour from the City you can find the latest resorts like Village Nature – Paris, Woburn Forrest – London and EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam. What they have in common with each other is that I have stayed in all these resorts as a trendwatcher to learn more about their concept. What they also have in common is a Big City within a maximum of half an hour drive. The newest of all has more pacific looks, City Dormio Resort Maastricht – Netherlands. You can visit this resort by car, bus, train, taxi and even by airplane. Most tourist like to visit the cities and go fun shopping. I expect more Holiday Resorts will be located in a short distance to Big Cities in the future. You can go shopping for fun or you can go visit one of the museums or theaters. For a tremendous dinner experience, you can visit one of the hundreds of restaurants where many of them have traditional dishes on the menu. The dynamic of the big City could be the reason that there will be more City Holiday Resorts locating there in the future. Or could it be the financial return of investment due to the higher occupancy rate of the cottages and apartments…?

Hans van leeuwen, Trendwatcher & Consultant

Center Parcs Les Bois Aux Daims – France

EuropaPark Camp Resort next to a Themepark

Dormio Resort Maastricht – The Netherlands

City Holiday Resorts:

1.Dormio Resort Maastricht – Netherlands

2.EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam – Netherlands

3.Villages Nature Paris – France

4.Center Parcs Woburn Forest – England

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