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We are YALP, distributor of sports and play equipment. For the age of 0 to 100.

VIDEO: The success of interactive play

A lot has changed over the past few years in terms of sports and play. Children and teenagers grow up with smartphones, tablets and games. Therefore the way they play outdoors is completely different than in former times. Interactive play takes place between the digital and physical world; gaming in real life. The game world is challenging. It adds variety, innovation in games and the potential for levels of gaming. Watch it in this video:

The benefits of interactive play:

  • Exceptional gaming experience
  • Family fun
  • Challenging for youngsters, an often difficult target group
  • Multiple games available, easy to play
  • Frequent game updates
  • Distinctiveness
  • Responding to returning visitors

Yalp launched the first interactive play equipment in the world with great success in 2006. Ten years on, more than 320 units are now installed worldwide and we have won many different innovation awards. The world is changing, as the world of playing. YALP gladly tell you more!







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