If something special happens in the world, I always want to be there as quickly as possible to taste the atmosphere and especially experience what I can learn from it. To be honest this is an incredible story of a visionary with a lot of money that all regional producers in Italy have brought together under the name of FICO – Fabbrica Italiana Contadina. More than 100,000 square meters of Food, Fun, Education & Shopping.

The place is so enormous that there are bike paths and there is also a trainride for visitors. You do not buy an entrance ticket because it is a “free” amusement park. On the other hand, you can book all kinds of paid activities. There are numerous Grand Tours (guided tours) and you can take a course almost anywhere. Just think of ‘Heel Holland Bakt’ and try to move that to more than five hundred different regional dishes. If you would like to know more about these type of courses, visit www.eatalyworld.it/en/plan.

It is too much to mention and that is why we have chosen to take you through a photo report so you can ‘experience’ our experiences. We were there with a company from the Betuwe that is part of the acquisition of inspiration, as part of an advice plan we worked on commissioned by the Regional Tourism Board Rivierenland, together with Johan Kaspers and at the invitation came from Richard de Bruin of the Regional Tourism Office. Anyone who wants an unique journey with me with an enormous boost of inspiration in Food and Thematisation and Retail in leisure should make a call. Those working in our sector must go here because this will become a pilgrimage with 3 million visitors annually.

See our photo’s here (scroll down).

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