Sport- and play equipment of stainless steel

Already since 1996 IJslander is making sport- and play equipment of stainless steel. Why? It is stylish, durable and practically maintenance-free. We produce all equipment with the greatest care by hand. That takes time and manpower, but delivers strong, vandalism-resistant and low-maintenance outdoor equipment. Because of the knowledge we have, we can make our sport- and play equipment completely customized.

IJslander strives for a circular economy. We also call it from possession to usage. Because of the sustainable production process and use of 100% reusable materials, our smartly designed equipment can be reused for other items. This causes minimal environmental impact and we prevent waste of resources what makes us follow the endless cycle of Cradle-to-Cradle.

From realization to maintenance, we have everything, even our own team of specialists for the installation of our equipment. We value good service, within 24-48 hours we can be on site to help you. After amortization (10-15 years) we buy back our stainless steel equipment for reuse. Your sport- or play equipment remains worth money!

In our designs we are innovative, for example; our Citybox system contains low noise cables and is one of a kind. The integral solution Click & Play is in line with the needs of the users. Areas can grow with the growing up users because of the click-system that allows equipment to be removed and replaced by other sport- or play equipment easily. This way play areas can swap equipment what makes the depreciation period longer.

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